Allow me to talk about myself in the 3rd person.
Jon Wadley was raised in Oklahoma by a clan of box turtles that found him in an empty refrigerator by the highway. Taking him under their shell, they taught him the ways of the world. Never seek the approval of others, only yourself. If you have to say something.., get paid for it. And never, ever stray too far from the shell. With the knowledge he gained from his little turtle family, he hitched his way to L.A..There he was greeted by..., no one.

12 years later, some emotional scars here and there, and a few pounds heavier, he signed with his first agent. He had found his voice. Since then, Jon has been the commercial voice of Church’s Chicken, CARFAX, Dr. Pepper, Girls gone wild (that was fun), the promo voice for Deadliest Catch, Reno 911, Cash Cab, CBS, Discovery, USA Network, Travel Channel, and in 2010 His voice opened The Bill Maher show on HBO.

Today, from his state of the art studio in Tampa, Florida (it’s warmer there), Jon lends his voice to trailers, promos, commercials, and documentaries for clients all across the country, and all across the world.